National Award For Children’s Mental Health Thought Leader

One of the most extensive national student surveys into the mental health of Australian students has revealed that close to 70 percent of kids rated their mental health as poor or fair. While two-thirds reported high or very high psychological distress over the past 12 months according to Headspace.

One award-winning Aussie thought leader is doing something about it.

When Carlo Chincarini visited his childhood neighborhood, he could never have guessed what would come next. As he watched on the local kids training just as he had as a child many years ago, he reflected on the importance of acceptance, care, and mentorship from coaches and how this had a positive impact on his growth.

“I loved school but disliked the hard line of education, and school became a dark place in my mind based on the judgment of my grades rather than who I was a person. Something I now know after extensive research a large number of kids today can relate to. It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life deliberately creating a place that would use sport in a way that would shape great people, develop their confidence and help kids believe in themselves.”

Carlo’s business Fitkicks was born, and it has been an inspiring Australian success story changing the lives of Aussie kids and Carlo believes it has a lot to do with social cohesion and support.

The passionate advocate and mentor is not alone! According to National Studies

Social support, social networks and social cohesion provided by group activities enhance the mental health and wellbeing of a community.

Recently taking out The KIDS INDUSTRY LEADER OF THE YEAR  and the ‘BEST LOCAL TODDLER ACTIVITY’ WINNER for 2018 in the prestigious What’s On 4 Kids Gala Awards, Fitkicks is embraced by schools and programs with great enthusiasm. The award is an acknowledgment they are proud of says, Carlo.


The Confidence Program formulated by FitKicks help kids feel capable, valued and happy through growth mindset strategies using a foundation of positive psychology. Courage, resilience, and inclusivity are the stand out achievements kids experience, and we are overjoyed that pro-active schools and organizations are so well receiving our program, says Carlo.


For more information about Fitkicks and the Confidence Program Carlo can be contacted on: KICKS (1300 1 54257) Email:




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