Women’s Cancer Platform The Road For Hope Launches

The Road For Hope is a new website providing a space a site of resources, information, stories but most importantly- hope and help for women on the cancer journey, for the diagnosis, prognosis and after.

With support from Bowel Cancer Australia and Monash University as well as the enthusiasm received from cancer support groups all over the country, it is an exciting time!

The Road For Hope is a place of stories crossing so many divides- a shopping guide including a book to help explain to your child that mummy is getting chemo or specialized vaginal products to help assist a body impacted by chemo. Perhaps you are feeling down and need a laugh? The Humour Hub can help with that. They even have Dorothy’s red slippers.

“When we Google cancer, and when we hear stories they are often doom and gloom or just breast cancer, but what many women need and want is a glimmer that speaks volumes about joy, hope, friendship, understanding, and humor. Let’s unpack the taboo, the laughter, the smiles and the echo that shouts out YES I AM HERE, I WILL MAKE IT and let’s MAKE IT REAL.”

“Nobody talks about after,”  says The Road For Hope founder Jenene Delahoy. “What to expect 5 years later, 10 years later. Cancer is an existential crisis that flips your life upside down and inside out. And there is a whole narrative around this cancer road with back up support and resource that was needed. Humour is a part of this, and the personal stories of cancer survivors.

There is a difference between positive fluff and real positivity, says Jenene. “The actual no BS stuff is when the situation is what it is, and you make of it what you can,” says Jenene. “But if you are standing at the start of that road, with no idea what to take with you it can be utterly petrifying- The Road For Hope is there as a series of signposts and connections.”

Often when a loved one has a diagnosis, we don’t know what to say. How do you convey your wishes? Many people fumble through it, or just don’t know how. So we decided to do something about that. 30 Days of Hopecontains little gems letting your loved one know you ‘re thinking of them and sending them every good thought. you enter your friend’s email and every day for 30 days a message of hope is sent to them.  Graphically gorgeous and inspiring, our creative team experienced a lot of joy creating this concept. We have all been impacted with illness in our lives, and we thought about the gifts people had sent, the things people said you wish they didn’t lol, and the things you needed to hear sometimes. We focussed on those messages and infused each message with this sentiment.” You can also download the book just for you. Completely free of charge!

Completely self-funded, the site plans on launching the sale of products of which a percentage will be used to purchase Chemo Caps for chemotherapy wards around Australia.


For more information please see contact details: Jenene Delahoy theroadforhope@gmail.com

Phone: 0426 159 951



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