Fertile Foods Are Key to Reproductive Help Says Expert Philippa Youngs

The nutritional aspects of food are reported in every fitness magazine, wellness report and article about health. However, it can also be the source of fertility problems says Geelong Natural Fertility expert Philippa Youngs.

“As part of your fertility journey, it is essential to think about what food you are consuming and the cascading impact this can have on your body.”

“Trying to fall pregnant means you need all the goodness your body can get! A multidisciplinary approach explores optimization of natural fertility, causes & risk factors for infertility, preconception care, and other topics.”  

Phillipa Youngs, qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturists and myotherapist has a passion for honing her craft and helping families achieve their goals. Young’s focus on women’s wellness, wellbeing, fertility, and pregnancy has been her primary focus for decades. Youngs highlights the absolute importance and quite often unknown role that food and nutrition play during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

According to Jean Hailles Womens Health Surveys, reproductive problems impact 15 out of 100 of Australian couples of childbearing age which is alarming.

Government-funded online health support Heath Direct also supports these statistics of infertility.  

Furthermore, according to Harvard Health, for women trying to become pregnant naturally (without “assistive reproductive technologies” such as in vitro fertilization), the following vitamins and nutrients were linked to positive effects on fertility:

  • folic acid
  • vitamin B12
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • healthy diets (such as the Mediterranean diet)

For the betterment of both the mother and child’s health, as well as the child’s development in the future, nutrition is crucial during the whole pregnancy, including the peri-conception stage being the most critical.

“According to The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health research, women appear to make alterations to their diets while pregnant [but] many still do not obtain the nutrients they require. Australian studies indicate that the folate, fiber, iodine and iron intake of pregnant women does not meet nationally recommended levels.”  

There is an abundance of people trying to conceive, and unsuccessfully bring this to fruition because of the critical yet straightforward factors they need to incorporate into their health.

This information informs us that women need to seek nutritional value in their foods. The entire journey to better the chances of fertility, conception, healthy pregnancy, and overall wellbeing is of immense importance.

Philippa has recently launched a free information e-book about Fertile Foods which you check out here. About Philippa: 

Philippa Youngs has been educated and trained by some of the world’s most experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Myotherapists at Australia’s prestigious universities. Philippa Youngs has spent decades honing her craft with a passion for helping families achieve their goals. Pregnancy is not a one size fits all model and therefore we understand each body needs to be cared for and balanced with precision and dedication for an optimal outcome. Good Egg Natural Fertility provides therapies for a broad scope of conditions and welcomes you.

Philippa Youngs Good Egg Natural Fertility

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