Australian Seasonal Eating Saves Lives

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Seasonal eating is an ideology present for centuries

However, in the Western world, it is a concept often unrecognized. Eating food grown in our current season is primed for what the body needs, and we aren’t doing enough of it says Geelong Naturopath Susan Byrne.

The AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing) released 2018 statistics for what is the recommended serving of fruit and vegetables a day. Under the NHMRC (2013) guidelines, the recommended serves of fruit per day are:

1 for ages 2-3

1 ½ for ages 4-8,

2 for ages 9 and over.

The AIHW 2018 guidelines show a recommended higher intake in vegetables for total health and nutrition. The minimum recommended serves of vegetables per day is:

2 ½ for Ages 2-3

1 ½ for Ages 9-11

5 for Ages 9-11

5 for females age 12 and over

5 ½ for Males aged 12-18, 51-70

6 for males ages 19-50

ABS figures in 2014-2015 show that only 5% of adults had sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, with women more likely to eat fruit and vegetables (8%)  than men (3%).

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For example, if we were living in a completely natural state from the land apples would only grow at certain times of the year when we require small amounts of sugar

Says Susan. “There is nothing comparable in nutrient than fresh flavorsome seasonal food, says Susan, richer in content than long stored or sugary preservative foods packed with additives Susan says foods have coolness and heat to them. Cooling fresh foods such as salads, fruit, cucumber, and sprouted grains will help cool the system in the Australian Summer heat and fruits such as apples, lemon, limes, and watermelon will assist with this also. “Fuel your body and mind with energetically rich and nutrient-packed sources provided,” says Susan.

“What better way to kick off the new year than eat deliciously unspoiled and non-processed food right from the tree and ground- we are spoiled for choice in Australia,” says Susan.  

The popular Bellarine Peninsula Naturopath is an advocate for homegrown organic foods amongst a portfolio of well-publicized events aimed at health education for women in the Geelong region.


Susan Byrne is a qualified naturopath and health professional. Susan has over 20 years experience in the health field, with in-depth qualifications in Nutritional Health, Herbal Medicine, Supplementation and Flower Essences. Susan has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, Diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, and is a member of the NHAA  National Herbalist Association of Australia. Susan is not only qualified but genuinely passionate about helping others through their healthy journey.

Susan Byrne Your Naturopath

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